OneDrive for Business Clean Up - Delete user, User Restored from AD Recycle Bin

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I had a user leave the company, so like normal I deleted the users account. The user is returning to the company and we did recover the account from the AD recycle bin.


Is there a way to stop the OneDrive Clean Up Process from deleting the OneDrive associated with this account, or can we pair the account back with the OneDrive (adding him back as the site collection administrator)?


Is this automatically done when the users account is recreated/restored from the AD recycle bin?


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First of all, you can now extend the period for which the account/data is kept to 10 years (3650 days). As for actual recovery, I think the answer was already given in the other thread. New object - new ODFB.

I'm not sure if you missed this or not, and I'm not good with exchange or AD, but is it still a new object if the account was recovered from the AD recycle Bin?

A new account isn't being created, or is restoring from the recycle bin creating a new Object?

Oh, I did miss it. In this case it should recover access to the same ODFB drive.

Ok, so the cleanup process should stop and the OneDrive shouldn't get deleted?
When the user goes to login, it will still point to the old OneDrive and not the new one.

If that's the case I can live with this.

The whole process is just confusing, the tech articles sound like there is nothing you can do once the cleanup process in SharePoint is initiated .

As long as you recover the user in the grace period and license him back, you should be fine. I'm not that familiar with internal workings of the cleanup job..

What is the grace period? When does it start/end? Is it from the date the user's license was removed or the date they were deleted from AD? (assuming the first)


What are the options for this if you have missed the grace period? I am assuming the files are lost.


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