External users must accept sharing invitiations using....

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Is the setting:


"External users must accept sharing invitiations using the same account that the invitations were sent to."


irrelevant if default sharing links is set to direct, and sharing is set to new and existing external users? How would an external user accept sharing invitations from another account with the above settings in place?

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The idea for having this setting is that permissions are not stammped on the actual item until the invitation is accepted, thus whoever receives a message containing the link can forward it to another person or simply use a different account when actually opening the link. For example, I send invitation to userXXX@outlook.com, then he forwards this to userYYY@gmail.com, who will have no problem accessing the file (granted the link hasnt been "used" yet). Makes sense?

Hi Vasil,

Thank you for the response. This was the first test I conducted earlier with the setting off. I had not opened the link and forwarded the invitation request to another email address. I couldn't open the forwarded email (insufficient permissions). I then went back to the original email and was able to open the link.

This subject has already been discussed several times. For example, give a close look to the excellent posts of @Stephen Rice in this thread: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/SharePoint/External-Sharing/td-p/23667.


Thanks @Salvatore Biscari, I guess I missed an iteration or two on this :)

Hi all,


@Jack McNay, can you confirm that you were sharing with an e-mail address that had never been invited before? If it had been shared to previously, SPO/ODB permissions the document to that user object immediately so there is no ability to "transfer" the invitatations.


And if anyone has any more questions about the model, feel free to let me know! Thanks!

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