OneDrive Files on Demand for Mac

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Forgive me if it has been posted before, I did look around but didn't see anything, but is there going to be a OneDrive Files on Demand for Mac users?

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Yes, they said they were working on it.

Thanks @Deleted, I hope it is soon, I have a few users that will be happy when it is released.

Oh yes, files on demand for Mac can't come soon enough!

Where did you see that this is officially confirmed?

I'm watching the situation for a while now, but never seen anyone from MS really say: Yes, we are definitely bringing it to the mac, only 'yeah we'd love too but we're still looking at it. 

Hi Chris,  Could you point us to your information source please.


I've just checked out the O365 roadmap and cant see Files on Demand for Mac in there....


This feature (or rather lack of) is presently a barrier to use using Teams with our marketing department that comprises several MAC users who spend hours of their lives in In Design. It would be an incredibly useful feature to have access to!


All I can see right now is that the feature is a limitation for MAC users


 Here is the user voice for it. I've been checking sessions and QA's from Ignite but I know swore they were looking at doing it later on but not right now.



Strong voice there for consistent experiences across platforms. Lets hope its a feature that is raised and prioritised.
so OneDrive files on demand is integrated into the NTFS of Windows 10. Tehre are 2 Attributes, that controls the sync behavior. So this will not work on another System like Apples files System. So use

Thanks @Hans Brender, I also voted for that feature in Uservoice.

Thanks Hans - I'll be casting my vote.

Not exactly the same but you can use  ExpanDrive to get OneDrive Files on Demand on the Mac. It lets you mount OneDrive/OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint as a network drive [with offline sync, etc] on Mac and Windows. 

This is a must-have. This is going to totally screw up my workflow since China is cracking down on Google Drive File Stream. Please do this ASAP.

This is a must have feature that needs to be released ASAP! It's really disjointed that Windows 10 users in my environment have this feature but MacOS users who already have an tough time with compatibility and now Airport Time Capsules being discontinued.... This feature would be *incredibly* helpful


Please please please let me keep Office 365 for my who environment, it's things like this that make it difficult for me to argue the business case for Mac being on OneDrive/Teams/Sharepoint.


The argument for Marketing to use Dropbox becomes stronger and louder every day...

Hahah I clicked on Store and saw the pricing and immediately X'd out


$149 for one user to have what is a tick box feature for Windows users and will soon be a feature for MacOS too...


I wouldn't be buying shares in ExpanDrive Inc! Their business model is about to crumble

Hey Microsoft!  Any update on when this will be released????  The Uservoice for this says thinking about since last September. 

My users cry for this update nearly every week now having seen their PC counterparts using it.

I have a few Mac users who are on the verge of totally moving to O365 and dropping other services and join with the rest of the staff who are on Windows and O365 when this feature rolls out.
Yep! We someone accidentally sync the entire marketing drive to their device, run out of space and then started deleting folders in an attempt to free up space on their Mac.

This obviously deleted the files for everyone and we had a long an complicated recovery process to follow using Powershell as there's no "recover all" from the recycle bin.

Following this the entire Marketing dept want to move back to Dropbox and to save myself a headache I probably won't stop! I'll simply change their licenses to not include sharepoint/onedrive

You can disable desktop sync at the Doc Library level, if that would help.