OneDrive Deleted all my files without my consent

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on july 12 i got this messsage on my email linked to my Onedrive account:



since then i've been trying to understand why since i have about 1TB of data, and im a subscriber, i pay monthly to keep this data on the cloud. 
I have opened a ticket and they do take for ever to reply and i get canned replies, no one actually looks at the problem
anyone here knows how i can get premium support? the amount of data here is priceless, my kiddos, financial spreadsheets, etc.. all my livelihood was wiped off


I have tried the Restore option and selected july 12th to restore the data from, it takes about 5 minutes and it says it restored, but when i go check its nothing there and my usage on the onedrive is only 37gb vs the 1tb previously used.

Any help will be gladly appreciated. 





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Ouch! What you describe here is an undesirable experience to say the least.

IF the content was deleted by Microsoft it could have been due to this

  • You haven't used your OneDrive in two years


  • You have exceeded your storage limit by more than three months

But, if so, did you receive any "warning email" some time before you received this email? I react a little to the following sentence: "We noticed that you recently deleted a large number of files from your OneDrive".


Do you synchronize your OneDrive files to local disk and could it be you (or someone else who used your computer) who intentionally or accidentally deleted files/folders locally and thus also synchronized the "deletion" to the cloud?


If it was deleted locally on your computer i would recommend that you check the Recycle bin of your computer just to verify if something has ended up there.



 see my thread with support



@Abdalla889 It clearly says files in your OneDrive Recycle Bin get deleted after 30 days. That means it's files that you have deleted yourself. If you want them to stay forever, don't delete them from OneDrive.

@Abdalla889 How did microsoft respond to your problem? I am also having this. My files have been repeatedly deleted, despite my efforts to restore them. I have thoroughly reviewed my login history and can confirm that there has been no authorized access to my account.