ODFB Mac : Sync blockage

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I'm hoping someone can help ... Microsoft Support has abandoned me :(


Current problem :


ODFB Mac client (latest in App Store) will no loner sync any new documents/folders etc. It always states "Transferring XX files... Y MB of Z MB" - where Y is inferior to Z - and just sits there forever. COMPLETE REFUSAL TO UPLOAD NEW FILES.


Actions tested :


Removed and completely cleaned up all support files, re-installed : Same problem

Unlinked, then removed (as above) : Same problem

Installed latest preview build, after unlinking and completely removing as above : App crashes constantly : removed, cleaned up.

Unchecked ALL subfolders for syncing and added ONE folder only to sync. Folder synced OK. Created a new file in that subfolder : Same upload problem. Refuses to upload NEW files to ODFB


Other information :


49GB out of 1TB used

macOS Sierra 10.12.1


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