OneDrive for Business next gen client SharePoint sync error

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I have been using the new client successfully for OneDrive and more recently SharePoint document libraries. SharePoint libraries started to show syncing issues, working with Microsoft Support to resolve threw up an issue where the client crashes each time i attempt to sync a new SharePoint Library. Briefly an Upgrading splash window appears and then a dialog to say OneDrive is restarting


Has anyone come across this issue before?




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For now, I have not had that issue...what's support team saying about it? Did they identify the root cause of the problem?

No they havent been able to fix yet, uninstalled the client a couple of times.  Works ok for OneDrive and OneDrive for Business, it's just every time try to add a sharePoint library it crashes.  I suspect the one sync client (Groove.exe) is getting involved in some way.

Weird....the preview of the NGSC for SPO Doc Library should literally "kill" de old Groove

Have not seen that specific issue before, but the NGSE has stopped working for a number of our users and has had to be reinstalled as it just was not there for them.   In saying that it does appear to be a lot more stable than Groove.   We have one user who is loading point cloud files onto their OD4B and has had some issues but that is terabytes of data but in general all seems to be OK.

After some more feedback from MS support renaming groove.exe to groove.exe_old appears to have worked and all is in order again.


@Martin Baird appart from this issue, this client is way better than Groove.

Renaming Groove.exe doesnt solve the issue for me.

Im still receiving this error after adding multiple doc. libraries with the next gen sync client (17.3.6673.1011)


Application log states:

Path to module with error: C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll


OneDrive Logs (C%localAppData%\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive\logs\)


Anyone any idea what it could be?

I found I had to rename groove.exe from the command prompt to ensure it was no longer listed as an application


remame groove.exe groove.exe_old


when office updated however groove.exe was once again renamed