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I have download and installaed the new preview of OneDrive for Mac (17.3.6674).

I have read that in these days support release a new version with a new feature: Download All on OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online web client.

When users select multiple files and hit Download, their browser will start downloading a .zip file containing all files and folders. When the user is in a folder and clicks "Download" without selecting any files, it will download all contents of the folder. We'll be gradually rolling this out to First Release customers in mid-November, with rollout expected to be completed by the end of December 2016.

BUT how can I know about the presence of this new version?

The Preview will automatically update?



opss... I think I am in error... The new feature is not for the client, but for the web pages!!!
However, a new version of the preview is automatically downloaded?


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I doubt it but can't say for sure either.  The full version relies on updates from the Mac app store, which I assume can't update the preview version.  Either way, this is the page to keep an eye on - New OneDrive sync client release notes. Once a newer version is out you will be able to track it and download it if necessary.


The release notes aren't the clearest either, they don't quite match the version on the Mac app store, nor show your version as a public preview.

Thank you for your help with the link New OneDrive sync client release notes.

We're on windows and even though the release notes say 17.3.6674.1021 was release on Nov 10th, the download link above does not containt the latest version, also Windows 10 is not updating to this version either.

I read that the version number will be the same for both version: Windows and Mac :)


The latest Mac version from the Mac app store was different from the separate download.

The version of the store is major (17.3.6783) than the other one (17.3.6760).

Which I have to use?img 1.jpg