MS disabling older version of OneDrive, leaving many of us high and dry

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I am very, very angry with Microsoft and its attitude to OneDrive versions for slightly older operating system (specifically Mac). For one reason or another, mainly travel and staying in different locations as well as sometimes having to share files with my daughter, I own and operate four different Macbook Pros which I have had for many years and which still work fine.

Once they were ‘modern’ and ‘recent’, now they are – only in years – getting on but all of them work as well as they always have done. They range from two 2012 models, on 2013 model and one 2014 model and their operating systems ranger from Mojave, Catalina to Big Sur. And even Big Sur is on the brink!

Unfortunately none can be upgraded any higher. And that is the problem. In recent months it seems Microsoft have disabled older versions of OneDrive. The trouble is I have never had a problem with OneDrive (which is essential to my work) but bit by bit the older machines can no longer use it and I am STUFFED.

AND this can happen, as today from one day to the next as ‘support’ ends. I assume when you log in the system detects which version you are using, notes that it is ‘no longer supported’ and disables it. So much for the customer!

I cannot use newer OneDrive versions without updating my OSes and I can’t do that without ditching all for older machines and getting more recent models (some of which, Apple, have rather poor rep). For one thing that would simply cost too much.

VERY many other software companies keep an accessible file of legacy versions, but OneDrive does not. It’s excuse – they don’t have the resources to ‘support’ older versions is prime cack: no ‘support’ is necessary. It is plain to me, in cahoots with Apple and PC makers they want to force us to buy new gear. But if the old gear still works perfectly well – WHY!

It is the the sly disabling older versions of OneDrive which really gets to me – one minute I can download and upload stuff I write, the next I can’t. And there is NOTHING I or anyone else can do about it.

Microsoft take note: think of us, your customers, who helped make you big in the first place!


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First, Microsoft doesn't read these community forums, so as far as they're concerned you may as well be writing in your private diary.

Next, I can assure you that OneDrive and other cloud sync storage systems DO require support, patching and upgrading. If they were always tied to old legacy versions then that acts as a drag against improvements or rectification of security issues.

You can access your files through browser interfaces which are gaining additional offline support. However if your browser refuses to do so because of the age of the OS then you can take that as a sign.

Lastly Microsoft has no control over MacOS, which has never had a reputation for backward compatibility.