Moving Onedrive to a network location

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We operate a Citrix environment with FSLogix profile management. Users OneDrive folders are currently sitting in their FSLogix profiles. Since our profiles are currently capped at 30GB we would like to move OneDrive to another location.


I created a GPO that sets the OneDrive location to \\SERVER\SHARE. However when I go to setup my OneDrive I get "your onedrive folder cant be created in the location you selected" message. I've done some googling about the issue but I can't find much that relates to the folder being saved to a network location.


Is changing users' OneDrive For Business folders to a network location something that is supported? Or is there a better way to go about it.



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You're missing the point of OneDrive (or any other cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google drive completely by doing this.
Yes OneDrive is a cloud platform, but unfortunately when you have users that require instant file access local file storage is required as well. That's why I asked the question.

@tbandalane My apologies if I've misunderstood, but are you able to install OneDrive on the server so that you can sign in with the account on the server rather than moving the folder to the server? It's my understanding that the OneDrive folder can't be moved. I've tried it myself a while back and did some digging around when my attempts failed. Our solution has been to install OneDrive where we want to access it. 

@ITpadawan Thank you for the response. Unfortunately we can't do this as OneDrive needs to be accessed via our Citrix Desktops. We can't give 300 users access to our server either :D


My research so far hasn't given me much info so maybe it just can't be done. Would be nice if MS had some proper info/confirmation that it's possible or isnt.


They're not going to get instant file access from a Citrix desktop either, and my estimate is that the effect of combining OneDrive with a remote desktop in this way is going to penalise users.

I have run OneDrive on a NUC with minimal space using files on demand. I suspect that for most business users the actual footprint of files required for fast access can easily be accommodated with < 1GB. If you're going to situate OneDrive files on a server then you are going to find performance issues in any real-time collaboration, particularly as more people work with Teams as an intermediary to OneDrive/SharePoint.

MS is not going to be able to document the effect of every hybrid environment out there - you need to take this up with FSLogix and Citrix. Do they have a service level guarantee that their service layers are not going to cause latency or other issues with cloud services? My top line is that playing games like this inevitably leaves you trying to catch up with Microsoft's advances to the 365 environment. You might get it working today but these solutions are fragile...