Mirroring files on local drives for all users

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Hello, I'd like to find out whether OneDrive for Business has the ability to create shared folders that are shared with several people and most importantly, that everyone can see the folders and their contents locally on their computers.


It may seem too basic a question, but in OneDrive for Business which we use in the company, this feature is not accessible. That's why I want to double check to confirm if this feature was not enabled within our company.


When I was using OneDrive (consumer version) at home, the local file mirroring was accessible for all users which were invited to share that specific folder.

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You can technically do it but it’s not straight forward easy. The best way and proper way is to setup a Sharepoint site with document library and then share the site with everyone. Then they all can sync that library and or folders within it.

Hi Chris, 


What exactly do you mean by "You can technically do it but it’s not straight forward easy"?

This ability is common and basic one for all cloud services as DropBox, Drive, Syncplicity, etc.. I would expect it as a base ability.