Migrating home folders to OneDrive for Business

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Has anyone gone through a migration like this.  How can I automate copying or synchronizing Home dir to one drive.  Id like zero interaction from the user so I can do this a few users at a time and then set a cut off date.

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What folders do you want to move? Take a look at the Known Folder Move feature in OneDrive: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-OneDrive-Blog/Migrate-Your-Files-to-OneDrive-Easily...

I want to migrate all users home DIR sitting on a local Network share to their 1 drive for BIZ.

However I want to do this on the back end.  with 300 users I want to schedule a group at a time. THis way i can give them a cut off date as to when to start using 1 drive for Biz and disable their local home dir.

Saw this, this is a no go, I dont want to rely on user to do this hence copying the Home DIR on the back end and forcing a cut off date.

We migrated 7000 users using this approach. Our key concern was the bandwidth required the next morning when they come in a start syncing back the files you migrated, although today with files on demand it wouldn't be a concern.


We used ShareGate's powershell modules to script the move, and when we were done we set their previous space to be read only, then a month later we removed the share, and 3 months later we deleted it.


it took about 5 months to complete the job.


thats what i was wondering the transmission of the data to cloud.  Let me look into sharegate.

Hi Christian,

Take a look at Files To Go too. We have specific support for bulk migrations to OneDrive for Business including incremental migrations. You can find out more about Files To Go here http://www.thinkscape.com/SharePoint-Online-File-Migration-Tool/


Hi Steven, we are about to do the same type of migration which is moving users home drives to OneDrive for Business - not the same amount of users luckily (Approx. 500 users). We have already used Sharegate but for migrating on-prem sharepoint to sharepoint on-line so we have 1 license. I see your migration you used sharegate powershell. I found these links:




Was that the method you used?




Sounds good, will check into this as well.

How do you manage the backups of the migrated files ?
Do you use policy retention ?


@Steven Collier 

Hi Steve,


I was wondering if you created a folder called "Home Drive" referencing their file share drive or did you simply ingested all the data to root of ONEDRIVEURL?


Did you work of one machine with share gate client or did you install share gate on the file servers?


Not sure why but I can't get the sharegate module to load on my local machine PS.


Thank you. 

@Edwin Campschroer  Yep, found that tool I completed the migration of about 300 users a month ago.


As far as I can see SharePoint Migration Tool is user driven, not admin tool for moving user's folders to OD

Or did I miss something?



@Sebastian cerazy Migration tool is for Admins, users wouldnt know what to do with it without direction from IT.

Ofcourse it is admin tool, maybe it is my SP setup, but it was not easy to figure out how to to the transfer to users OD
I needed the whole path to be able to “see” that user space
Apart from this a nice tool, in fact I liked it more than Sharegate for that simple task


@Christian Taveras , Using SPMT , can we copy the network share folders to users OneDrive folders from backend without user interaction? I checked the tool and when  ruIn the tool with global admin account, I am not able to give the destination as Users OD folder( URL) as it throwing access denied error. When I searched , I see information that not even Global Admins can access users OD personal folders due to privacy restrictions.  We have 1000+ users using a network share as homedrive ( mapped network folder) and requirement is to move the date to users OD silently without user interaction.

As stated above, full path when given (not browsed to) works fine, the tool (as I understand it) does add the required rights at runtime

@sriphani then you must have some sort of permission issue,  my global admin acct is also a site collection admin for all users sharepoint My-sites(Aka Onedrive).    But to answer your question, yes Zero user interaction using this SPMT.  With 1k users I would suggest you do the following.


1. Provision all users onedrive instance via power shell.


2. get a list of all users one drive url.


3. get a list of all users network share path.


4. add all this info to a CSV to feed the SPMT.



You may need to google some of this info and or reach out to Support for assistance.

Advise if you need anything else.

@steven, Where can I get that Powershell module ?
and, does the ShareGate Module cost the license?