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We are currently re-directing the Desktop, Documents, Pictures and Favorites folders to OneDrive.  Is there a process to remove the redirection so we can leverage KFM instead?  I know Favorites will not be moved in this scenario but I already have that handled.


Appreciate any info anyone can give.






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@John Nash 


Hi John,


Given the date of your post I expect you have your issues resolved by now. I am now researching the same query as you and came across the updated article from Microsoft below. I've not tried it yet but this may help other people looking for a similar solution to you.  



1. Use a migration tool such as Mover or the SharePoint Migration Tool to copy contents in the network file share location to a user's OneDrive, making sure that all contents go into the existing Documents, Pictures, or Desktop folders.
2.Disable the Window Folder Redirection Group Policy and make sure to leave the folder and contents on the network file share.
3.Enable KFM Group Policy. Known folders move to OneDrive and will merge with the existing Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders which contain all the file share content that you moved in the first step.



Nigel, in step 1, how to we ensure that all contents go into existing Documents, Pictures, or Desktop folders? Presently our group policy basically merges the three, so they have created their own folder structure at the root of their home drive. I wouldn't mind migrating everything as-is into the "Documents" folder, but how to we go about doing that so that OneDrive Sync will recognize that as the one and only "Documents" known folder?