Issues with OneDrive for Business and Macs

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I'm having issues getting MACs to install and Sync Onedrive for Business, I just get the following error






We do have Syncs limited to Domain joined machines only, however the Macs are domain joined in a Hybrid config and are intune managed. Microsoft support have been useless, I've had a case open for 2 weeks with zero progress.


I've tried uninstalling, changing locations, tried on multiple Macs, same issue. 


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Good luck with support on that one. I have had a ticket open with Microsoft since October.

If you want to limit syncing to domain joined computers then ALL computers that you want to sync must be domain joined. They cannot be Azure AD joined. If you want to allow Azure AD joined computers to sync OneDrive then you must allow syncing from any computer in the world.

Every support person I talked to said that it is possible to restrict syncing to domain joined or AAD joined devices but none knew how or was able to find out how. But the people in another group would know so they passed me to another group who said it was possible and they didn't know how but they would pass me to another group who knows how.
The MACs are domain joined so I was hoping this would work. :( Disappointing if this is some form of Bug stopping them.