OneDrive Business Sync Issue with Excel on Mac OS

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we are using OneDrive for Business and Office 365 on Mac OS in our organisation.

Since the lates update (June 2019) we have a very bad issue in combination with Excel. 
Now we are on release 19.152.0801.0007 for OneDrive and 16.30 for Excel.

The Problem:

We are using the Auto-Save Funktion in Excel, so our employees can work together on the same excel sheet. But every time they close the excel files, onedrive say that there is a sync conflict with the file, that was closed immediately. OneDrive say: "We couldn't merge the changes...". And when we open the server version again, this conflict still appears. So OneDrive display a sync conflict, but there is absolutely no real sync conflict with the file! And this conflict only comes up, when we close the excel file with activated auto save. We have this problem just with excel files. In word for instance everything works well.
Does anybody know if microsoft know this issue or does anybody know when the next update (Production-Ring) will be released?

We also tried downgrading to the Enterprise-Ring (19.086.0502.0010) but OneDrive will automatically update by itself to Production-Ring and there is no way to prevent Onedrive from doing that update.:)

We hope to get some help.
Thanks a lot

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