How to add additional folders

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How can I add additional folders for One drive to backup other than just Documents, Pictures, Desktop  ?


Say I have a folder in my C drive I want backed up all so?

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You can add additional folders to be backed up by OneDrive by following these steps:


1. Open the OneDrive app on your computer.

2. Click on the OneDrive icon in the system tray and select "Settings."

3. In the "Account" tab, click on "Choose folders."

4. Select the folders you want to add to OneDrive for backup.

5. Click "OK" to save your changes.


Once you've added the folders, OneDrive will automatically back them up to the cloud. Any changes you make to the files in these folders will be synced to OneDrive and to any other devices where you have OneDrive set up.


It's important to note that adding additional folders to OneDrive may increase the amount of storage space you use in OneDrive, which may require you to upgrade your storage plan.

OneDrive only syncs content that is inside the OneDrive folder, so you if you want other content backed up then you will have to move those folders inside the OneDrive folder.

e.g. if you have C:\folder1 to back up then folder1 needs to sit under C:\users\[YourProfile]\OneDrive (assuming that is your OneDrive folder location).

The advice given by ajeex is only about which of those folder inside OneDrive will be visible on your hard drive.

So for example you have OneDrive running on another computer with a folder WorkFiles. THat folder will automatically be synced on your first computer unless you deselect it in the "Choose folders" dialog. Then it will not take any space on your computer. The files will still be available through the web-browser.
I don't have that option 4> 4. Select the folders you want to add to OneDrive for backup
I was trying to avoid moving that folder
Actually you can. Just create a symbolic link to OneDrive folder.
mklink /D "C:\Users\Fatih\OneDrive\MyFolder" "C:\Users\Fatih\Downloads\MyFolder"
mklink is used for making links (like shortcuts)
/D is to specify that the target is a directory (you can ignore it if you just want to add a single file).
command syntax is MKLINK [/D] Link Target

Note: I did not test it thoroughly but it added the folder to sync.
I love it fantastic! thx!
Do not assume that these workarounds will continue to be supported in OneDrive client updates. You run the risk of file loss or corruption.
I just purchased Microsoft 365 Personal plus additional 1 TB of storage today, thinking it would be the answer to my disgust with Google Drive and especially Drive for Desktop. *Then* I discover you can only sync Personal Folders, not folders from other drives. It will not even sync Documents or other personal folders if you have a symbolic directory link in that folder!
Very disappointed. I mostly use my system for photography and have multiple drives. Quite rude to find out I can't even backup my Photos, which is a symbolic link under Pictures to another drive.



That Folder is available to "check" using the standard way of doing so as shown above.

OneDrive and other cloud sync services are useful for mitigating accidental deletions, malwarecattacks and making files broadly accessible. They are not full backup solutions. That should be done separately.


Not true! You wrongly refer to the folders already in Onedrive.

Your advice will is to shown them on your PC (or not).