OneDrive for MacOS Nightmare

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If anyone from MS is reading this why can't you actually write some software that actually works for once in your life!

The problem is I am trying to migrate my dad from a Windows 10 laptop to a Macbook Pro with Sanoma 14.5


The issue is that the Backup Tab is missing from the preferences tab. After Googling it there seems to be two versions of the same app once made by Apple in the Appstore and one you can directly download from Microsoft.


If I download version version 24.086.00248.003 and try to install and runt his I get the error:

 "Account Already Connected - A different version of the OneDrive App is already connected to this account"


If I then uninstall it and try to re-install from the version in the App store (24.097.0513) which by the way has a score of 2.6 something you guys at MS should be truly ashamed of. It lets me install this however it is missing the Backup tap which makes this app useless!


God know's why I am paying Microsoft for my Family version of office 365







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These are forums manned by volunteers, not by Microsoft. Remove the diatribes and put up a descriptive post that gets to the point of what help you are seeking.
thanks but I fixed it my self now