Ever seen the error message 'Your OneDrive library has been recreated on the web'?

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I am using OneDrive for Business for a very long time already, but this morning I was surprised by the fact that in the browser I received the new user popup and after that ended up in an empty OneDrive.


After some panic Smiley Happy and a reboot, I got the following prompt:


OneDrive recreated.png


Once I went through all the steps, local files started syncing again to the cloud.


Tried to find this error on the Internet but nothing comes up. Has anyone ever seen this error message? And perhaps knows what triggers this?


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Just got the same message when syncing a new library. After reconfiguring it resynch the main onedrive folder successfully but does not add the new one.

Interestingly, I do not get this error when I try and sync a new library which is in the Sharepoint area, i.e., it erros when I try and sync a library which is in the newsfeed area.  Not sure if that helps!

We have a client using the Next Generation OneDrive Sync Client (17.3.6799.0327) and after adding a third library to sync OneDrive crashes and drops all its configuration.


This is not specific to a particular machine, when I did a clean install of Windows 10 on another machine and tried to sync the same three libraries the third caused the same error.


It is very annoying because you have to start again and wait for the first two libraries to sync again.  I have raised a support case with OneDrive support (odbsync@microsoft.com) but they have not acknowledged the bug, instead they said it was the users profile that was an issue!


OneDrive Error.PNG


If you are also getting this error then please start a case with OneDrive support (odbsync@microsoft.com).







Hi @Stuart Davey,


I figured out why I got the message. We are in a special type of Office 365 migration for SharePoint and Exchange for which I needed to modify the host file. By accident I pointed my OneDrive also to this new environment, which I should not have done.


It seems your case is different.


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