File preview in the information panel disappeared

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Hi everbody,


did the file preview feature in the information panel dissappeared in your tenants as well? I didn't find any update about this in the last view news.



The feature disappeared in all my tenants. Anybody knows when Microsoft patched out this nice feature?


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Working as usual here...

Does it happen for all documents or only for one?

For all files and all file-types on more than one tenant :(


The tenants are located in EMEA.

All my tenants are in EMEA too and I see no problems.

My advice is to wait for some hours and see: it could be a temporary glitch.

Otherwise, think to open a support ticket...

Thank you salvatore. I retested it with another client with another office 365 pro plus version and there it works. So I have a point to go forward to find a solution.

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IMHO, the Office ProPlus version is not important.

The preview is shown directly online and hence the local Office client is not a factor.

I saw this problem some days ago in one of my tenants so I guess something is/was not right in the document details panel not only for ODFB, but also for SPO