Error Message " Couldn't start Files on Demand" One Drive

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I am running windows 11 PRO (Upgraded due to numerous notifications)

I have office 365 business and use business onedrive


I am getting the following error

Microsoft OneDrive

Couldn't Start Files on Demand

Please restart your computer and try again. Error codes: 0x801f000f


I spoke to Office365 support - they did basic trouble-shooting and said they didn't know what was wrong.


Trouble Shooting Steps

- Updated Office Apps

- Rebooted 

- Uninstalled ESET Nod anti virus and rebooted

- Checked settings in office 365

- Checked recent version of OneDrive

- Told me to go to this link to speak to engineers

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Hi SoCalDeco
I had this frustrating issue for years (Windows 10/11) and now I finally got a working solution!
After turning off hibernation (using command powerfcfg /h Off (in an elevated prompt) the error did not return anymore!
None of the other 'solutions' worked for me, the error returned after every cold boot (and then after (warm) reboot it worked untill the next shut down/cold boot).
So the only 'price' I pay is no hibernation (sleep) mode...
You expect it to be fixed in a new Windows version or a new/updated Onedrive client but it is not....