Embed OneDrive for Business folder in external website

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can I embed a OneDrive for Business folder in an external website (Joomla or WordPress) like in OneDrive personal with iFrame? Unfortunately there is no button for embedding in the business version.

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I think you can do it, but you will be asked to login in ODFB inside of the iFrame

It doesn't work.{50890EC7-00B6-4C76-ACA1-837FD1EDE80E}.png.jpg

There is this error message:

"This content can not be displayed in a frame.
At this point, you should actually see content, but the publisher does not allow the ad to appear in a frame. This ensures the security of the information you may enter on this website.
Try the following […]"

Hi @tizianj, did you solved? I have the same problem.

I happen to have the same problem today. How did you solve it?

@tizianj same problem here. any news on this?

@viktor_franz Unfortunately not. For WordPress there are at least third party companies that have a solution: https://www.joomunited.com/de/wordpress-produkte/wp-file-download/onedrive-geschaftsintegration



I just used this solution for a client. It works with both OneDrive personal and business, this is also available for Joomla (just in case).

The conection can be done through their app but for companies I recommend using a custom app.


Documentation is here: