Restore mapped company folders

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I'm currently searching for a method to save and restore mapped company folders within a users ODfB when he moves to a new pc.

Currently all added company shares just vanish and you need to add all manually again.

It's curious that OneDrive doens't save these themself^^


Do you know of any method or script which could help here?



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Hi @Julian12. Hi Julian. You could try a solution like Zee Drive for mapping network drives to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business as the configuration is managed centrally and then applied to all computers where Zee Drive is activated.



Hi @Myles, this won't work as I can add SPO libraries already via Intune policies but every customer has different mapped to his company OneDrive and these must be saved an improted back. I still haven't found any good solution for this..
Hi @Julian12 Sorry I don't quite understand what you mean about saved and imported back for different customers. Can you clarify what you are looking to achieve?
Yes, I'm looking for a method to automatically restore mapped/synced company drives in OneDrive, so when an employee logs in to a new PC, all his formerly added company folders are synced again to his new PC.
At the moment you need to go to these company folders in Teams again und click Sync that they are newly added to his OneDrive and this must be done on every new PC from the user.