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We are a very large multi-national organisation with a presence in over 100 countries globally. Over the last few years we have slowly begun the migration to Azure for O365 (Sharepoint Online, One Drive, etc).  

Currently all of our data globally is stored in our tenancy in Dublin, Ireland. Using the O365 SaaS applications works well for those countries in Europe, however for countries in Asia the performance is not so good due to the latency between the country and Ireland. 


My question is therefore this, are Microsoft able to support presenting our data in multiple tenancies e.g. one in the Americas, Europe (Ireland) and Asia or for a single organisation is only a single tenancy supported? Any official Microsoft documentation related to this topic would be much appreciated. I'm aware of an announcement this year for public/private CDN for Sharepoint objects, but I'm more interested in understanding if we are able to distribute our data to improve the performance of the likes of One Drive and also if we choose to move local file-shares to the SaaS platform.



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There's only a single tenancy option in Office 365. However services such as Skype and Exchange already use data centers close to the end users (if configured) and this is also coming to OneDrive shortly, see "Multi Geo Private Preview" in the Office 365 roadmap: 

Along this line - are there any details and guidance regarding the throughput and bandwidth usage of SharePoint Online/OneDrive file sync - when SPO/OneDrive is implemented as a replacement for network shared drives. We want to see the effect on WAN performance for a setup of 100+ workstations at an office location (on a LAN) that are sync'ing to SPO/OneDrive libraries. For example, one file is updated, but then it needs to be sync'd back down to all of the "subscribers". What is the difference (network performance data and user experience) when the file updated is pushed to clients. Then we would like to know what are the possible considerations for maximizing WAN and LAN performance.

We, too are a large multi-national organization with presence in ~170 countries. There are doubts on the ability for SPO/OneDrive to have a similar performance and user experience as network shared drives, but we really need to move our documents to the cloud. Any detailed engineering information would be helpful.