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My clients want to move ALL folders under My Documents to OneDrive for Business where they can "archive" some of them and not sync them to preserve space on their C drive. Some users have 70-80 folders of personal business content reducing available C drive space to less than 1 GB. They note that some apps like Jabber and Vision create folders under My Documents.  I warned against moving default folders that Microsoft OS looks for like Documents, Videos, Music & Pictures.  I told them the app folders will move without issues and the app will merely recreate the folder again.  They want confirmation that this is so.


Can anyone confirm this is how it works?  There will be no issues moving all folders under My Documents to OneDrive.  Thanks!



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I cannot think on a reason why this is not going to work. What you have to think is about how to move this documents to each user's OneDrive and here I would recommend to use the SharePoint migration tool that is free and can bee good here to fast migrating the files to ODFB

Other than OneNote, it has gone well. OneNote must be moved from within OneNote (File > Settings > Properties > Change Location).  The biggest challenge has been tracking down all the Vlookups in Excel files and pointing them to the new location.  Also note, that files dragged ^ dropped from within C drive to the synced folder for OneDrive files will MOVE them. Files dragged from anywhere else (network drives for example) will COPY to either the C location of OD or the cloud location (using the browser).