Did Not Receive an Email Notification that a Document Had Been Shared

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I shared a OneDrive for Business document with a user in my organization via the "people you choose" sharing link. I then asked that user to share the document with someone else.

What I was expecting to happen was:

  1. they would be able to share the document, and
  2. I would an email notification that the document has been shared.

What I did not want to happen was:

  1. they are unable to share the document, and
  2. I do not get an email notification that it has been shared.

The user was able to share the document (expected behavior), but I did not receive an email notification that it had been shared (undesired behavior).






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It appears you've already given permission to the third party to access the document, so the intermediate sharing is not really doing much. Check your notification settings
Thanks, Mike. I'll take a look at this shortly.

@Mike Williams - It doesn't look like the feature I want exists, so I submitted the suggestion in the  feedback forum. Thanks again for your insight.


Upvote it here! Notify me when a file I shared is shared with another person · Community (