default OneDrive shortcut remains in file explorer

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Hey everyone,


We have a shared multi-user device in our company where OneDrive per-machine is installed. The sync and all work perfectly but after the OneDrive sync setup, the default OneDrive shortcut that point on the "OneDrive" folder in the userprofile still remains in the file explorer.


In my experience, this shortcut disappears after you connect a OneDrive for Business account and rebooted a few times. But in this case, it does not happen.


Even if the shortcut says "OneDrive - Personal" (see attachment) there was never ever a personal OneDrive account connected on this machine. What I noticed too, is that the OneDrive shortcut has a weird looking icon, never seen this before and when I click on it, it opens the OneDrive for Business folder.


How can I remove this shortcut? Thanks.

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