Photos and Files were deleted by mistake, Now I can't find them.

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I mistakenly deleted a folder with photos and other folders inside of it from my computer. I am not sure if it didn't finish updating my OneDrive because when I went to the recycle bin to restore it restored some of the folders but NONE of the photos. This is beyond frustrating. I dislike using OneDrive as is but now this is even more frustrating. I can't find the photos in my computers recycle bin or in OneDrive Recycle. Where can I find these photo's???

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If you deleted files without having a backup and without checking to see they have been uploaded by OneDrive, then you may have to seek professional disk recovery assistance. Avoid any activity on your computer that might overwrite traces of the files and folders you've deleted.

@Mike Williams I was able to recover some of the files. I actually had a lot of them backed up to my Google Drive account. I think moving forward it's easier for me to organize them using OneDrive Online versus from my computer. I was doing this before and think I will continue doing so. Thank you.