Bulk migration of users from on premise folder redirection to OneDrive known folder migration

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Hi all,

I was tasked with finding the best way to automatically (as much as possible) migrate users to OneDrive KFM.

Our users setup is like this: The user's home directory is mapped to the network.

The user's desktop, documents, pictures, music, videos and favorites are mapped to the home directory with pictures music and videos located inside the documents folder.

The folder redirection policy is set to leave data upon removal.

Here are the issues I found so far:

  1. I can't change the policy to redirect back to the user's profile because than it will copy all the data back to the local profile (we have users with HUGE home directories. The curse of working decades in the organization) - Workaround - Create a temporary policy to redirect the folders back to the local user profile with policy removal set to redirect back to the default location.
  2. I need to add both the user and the computer to the policy so silent KFM migration will happen automatically...
  3. SharePoint migration tool moves everything. including desktop.ini and $RECYCLE.BIN. This means that after the user logs in again I need to run a script (not sure when due to multiple variables that I need to consider) that will remove the file, the folder and the folder's files and subfolders.

If anyone has a better solution I would be most.


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This is very interesting because we have exactly the same challenge as you.
Foolish that we have to put rules on machines, should be kept with users I think.

Yeah I think some policies should move to the users and not in the computer.

I also found this link: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/OneDrive-for-Business/Known-Folder-Move-Tips-from-our-experie...

it shows almost the same problems I found.