mixing domain allowlist and any domain external sharing

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Hi there,


Is it possible or how to configure the following scenario in od4b:


All users are allowed to share externally to some specific allowlist domains

Some users in a specific Security Group are allowed to share to any domain


The scenario is that we have partner organizations that we trust and no need for special approval or auditing, but for other domains we need to have stricter controls for auditing purposes.


I took a look at the GUI and the options there don't allow for such granular controls, and I can't seem to find the correct powershell combination to modify these permissions on a per site level.


Any help or just letting me know if its possible and some pointers in the right direction would be fantastic 

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Well you can configure the external sharing settings on per-SC basis, I imagine those partner users only have access to specific site collections anyway. But to answer the question, no, I'm not aware of any method to combine both.