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Does anyone know, if a migration tool that can migrate from file share to OneDrive without the need to also use PowerShell.

I am looking for a tool that can do it all via the UI, but not sure if it exists. 



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In the Sharepoint admin center you will find a migration tool included in your subscription:



Otherwise, i personally use Sharegate. it's a nice tool with more features to help with administration and migration.

I know of another called Avepoint.

However there are plenty to choose from and your choice of cost/price will ehlp you choose the best 1 :)

Both Migration Manager and SharePoint Migration Tool are great options here :)

@miclarsen1 Take a look at Files To Go for file share to OneDrive for Business migrations. Files To Go has been used on thousands of successful migrations.





Hi @Myles Jeffery ,


Thank you for replying. 

Do you know if this tool "files to go" can also do the mapping of user ?


My main issue here is this.

Getting a complete list of all local personal drive paths and match them up with the users OneDrive path. So essentially I want to do a bulk migration, without any use of PowerShell, but I am not sure if this is possible?


EDIT: It is the creation of the .csv file I am really talking about. How does one go about creating that file when you want to do a bulk migration?