Any ETA on "secure sharing" features mentioned at Ignite?

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If you go to, the presenter mentions that Microsoft will be adding some secure sharing options, like password protection and blocking recipients from downloading/printing/copy/pasting files. A few of our departments really need these functions, but I can't seem to find any estimates of then they should be available. Anyone with an inside track? Admittedly, I have not checked the roadmap yet (I'll head there now, but I've never had much luck searching that site).

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The block download feature is rolling out right now!

Hi all,


As mentioned, Block Download is rolling out now. Password protected links will be coming soon, and Azure B2B integration will be coming in the first half of this year (more details soon). Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

@Stephen Rice, it looks like the "block download" feature is appearing in our tenant now, but this can only be applied/selected when sharing with "Anyone"? We have a need for this function, but scoped to specified individuals. To give you some more context, here is a scenario.


We're a University and have a department responsible for handling allegations of misconduct by students. That department stores any evidence provided in SharePoint and is required (not sure if by University policy or some accrediting body) to allow students to view (and ONLY view) that evidence. They've tried this using "protected" PDFs in the past, but discovered that not all PDF readers respected the protection settings created by Adobe Acrobat. For their purposes, it would be ideal if they could share the files specifically with the student and make use of the "block download" function to prevent them from downloading, printing, copy/pasting, etc. I understand that they'd still be able to screenshot it or take a picture with their smartphone, but, let's be honest, there are things out of our control. 


Might there be another way to set that "block download" flag on a file that's shared with specific users rather than using the "Anyone" audience? I know that using an appropriately-configured and secured "Label" (via Security & Compliance) is the best way to do this, but I have no access to S&C and those that do are "working on it" (with no ETA in site). So, I'm stuck trying to provide this level of secure file access with out-of-the-box features in O365.


Thanks for any help or advice you could provide.

Hi @Chad_V_Kealey,


For the moment, block download is only available for anyone links and company shareable links. We do plan on adding the setting to specific people links as well but I don't have a timeframe to offer just yet. I'll be sure to pass your feedback and scenario along to the feature owners as well.


In the meantime, can you use Anyone links for send the files to students? This option is analogous to an e-mail attachment (in that when you send someone the link, they can open the document and then it is a manual action to forward the link to other recipients to be able to open it). Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II