Adding Sharepoint directories to desktop clients.

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I know that i can add sharepoint directories to syncronize with OneDrive desktop client, i can do that with "Sync" button from SharePoint web site but only manual. The question is: can i add the same automatically?


The scenario is: i add a new users to Office365, give them licence, setting up OneDrive  for desktop and it already have selected sharepoint directories syncronize in it.


Or this can be added only a manual?

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If you are using GPO’s you can do this:


@adam deltinger 


Thanks, this is only for domain PCs, but how about users personal PCs? Is it possible to include somehow this setting in OneDrive profile, or Office365 policies, or something? I want for example user can be in any place at any PC, install OneDrive and get access to his sharepoint folder (which i want to add automatically to his OneDrive client).

That’s mean syncing documents to any Computer, which is not a good idea. I’m not aware of any solution to this also
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