Office 365 user send email forward


Being admin I set user email forward for incoming email, but I want to set forward rule send mail also. How can I make this ?.

Any help really appreciated.

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Configure a Mail flow rule that automatically adds recipients (either via to/cc/bcc fields) for any messages sent from the mailbox in question.
Hi, Can you please tell me. how to create the flow. I haven't used this before. If there is any reference link will also work for me.
You need to have admin permissions to create mail flow rules. If you already have such, go to the Exchange admin center and follow the steps here:
For your scenario, configure the "recipient is" condition and the "add recipients" action. Add other conditions/exceptions/actions as needed.

Hello, @jabbarsh, Vasil Michev has already provided a useful tip, but if you need a more detailed answer here it is:


Log in to your Office 365 and hit the admin app icon. Choose Users and Active Users after it. Now go to the page of Active users and select the user you want to forward the emails to.


Now I recommend scrolling down till you see Mail Settings and after it, you can expand it. Hit Edit next in the Email Forwarding.


On the page of Email forwarding, you should choose Forward all emails sent to this mailbox toggle and input the forwarding address. Here you can also choose if you want to have a copy of these emails too. Save the configuration.


If you want to forward the emails to several email addresses, I recommend creating a distribution list and configuring forwarding, using this helpful article with video.


This Microsoft documentation can also assist you in the process. If you are an administrator of an Enterprise Microsoft 365 environment, I suggest visiting this link too.