Group Contacts Folder - Not Contact Group

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Hi All


We'd like to have a shared contact folder. After a lot of searching around I now "know" two things:

1 - In the old days this would have been a Contacts folder in a Public Folder, but MS seem from what I can see to be trying to kill of the idea of Public Folders and replace them with Groups.

2 - If you search on Groups and Contact Folders, all you get back for pages and pages is how to group your personal contacts - The replacement for Distribution Lists it seems.


If we have a group, how do we (can we?) add a Contact List accessible to everyone in the group, that works the same as your personal contact list does (in as much as it's searched when you start typing a name in the 'To' field of an email, and can be 'grouped by' when viewed)?


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Microsoft 365 Groups do not expose the Contacts folder, so you cannot use them for this scenario. Use a shared mailbox instead.
Many thanks Vasil. Ah, that's a shame. Makes no sense at all though as a Group HAS a mailbox, and a Group needs a set of shared contacts. So we'd have to create a matching Shared Mailbox for every group, and keep membership synced? - That's nuts. Back to good ol' Public Folders it is then I guess...