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Hi , 


We are in process of testing MSIX active update and would like to know how to embed update settings in each MSIX package . Also , if we create .appinstaller file then will it process as part of MSIX package ?

Below settings we are interested in -

<UpdateSettings> <OnLaunch HoursBetweenUpdateChecks="12" UpdateBlocksActivation="true" ShowPrompt="true" /> <AutomaticBackgroundTask /> <ForceUpdateFromAnyVersion>true</ForceUpdateFromAnyVersion> </UpdateSettings>


Use Case - When an updated MSIX package is pushed we want users to be notified as we found it forcefully closes an open app and it may be negative UX.


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Hi ,

Is anyone able to use .AppInstaller or ammending AppXManifest.xml as part of MSIX update process?