MSIX start menu subfolders

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there is a possibility to create a deeper folder structure in the start menu of MSIX, like in MSI or EXE installations.
MSI: Start menu\VideoLAN\VLC media player
MSIX: Start menu\VLC media player




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@thomasboettner At this time the start menu does not support that.  Feedback hub is a great place to file feedback for this feature.



For single-shortcut apps, putting them in the root makes sense - Windows 10 doesn't place individual apps at the end of the list like Windows 7 did, and having to open a folder that contains just one app is a waste of time.


However, in my experience the majority of business apps have more than one shortcut, and hence will need to be grouped. If you want people to adopt MSIX for more than simple store apps, this feature is 100% necessary! 

@Dan Gough Appreciate your feedback.  As I mentioned please add something to feedback hub to make sure your voice is heard.