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Argument to pass in "Specify Installer Argument" field to have silent installation?


Hi Team,

I am using MSIX Pcakaging Tool to convert some exes and msi installers to MSIX package. 
I want to have silent installation of these installers at STEP 5 (Installation) - that is no GUI to be popped up and default/typical installation to be continued (no need to click next next). The installation should take place in background, unless there is something that user needs to enter.

For archiving this, what argument can be passed in Step 3 (Select installer) -  "Specify Installer Argument" field? 
I have tried - '/qn' , '/s' and '/qb', but none of these worked.


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Hi @Priyanka_Aggarwal,


Those installer arguments should work, we simply pass them to the installer through the tool. Its generally specific to the installer, so could you verify that those installer arguments work when you aren't installing through the tool? In my experience, there are some exe's that I've encountered that need '/S' instead of '/s' for example. If you are still having an issue with passing the arguments, please let me know and I can follow up. 







@Priyanka_Aggarwal The starting folder of the process would be System32 I belive, which may cause some exe installers to break. Also MSIs are handled by msiexec.exe, so it depends on how the tool is launching the process whether or not the switch would be passed on.

Most reliable way I've found is to use an install.cmd file, and specify the startup exe and args as:

Path: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe
Args: /c "Path\Install.cmd"

Then make sure your cmd file plays nicely with an unknown current working dir by either starting with:


pushd "%~dp0"

Or putting %~dp0 in each command, e.g:

msiexec /i "%~dp0Setup.msi" /qb