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So i recently got the task to create a presentation about msix and to provide various information about given topics.

The four main topics are:

  1. Installation of Fonts possible? (Into the windows fonts folder)
  2. Silent installation of a config file possible?(Contains database connection strings, etc)
    (Only installs once in a different directory)
  3. Updating a program on a Windows server with multiple instances.
  4. Selecting a Version of the program which should be installed in the installer.

Are those things possible and if so where can i find more information on how to do so?

I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me.



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1. I don't think this is possible, also I do not believe fonts captured within the MSIX are made available to the packaged application.

2. You can use the PSF to either provide copy-on-access file redirection for a file under %APPDATA% for example, or to run a startup script that will copy a file upon application startup, as long as you have write access to the desired folder.


3. You cannot install multiple instances of an MSIX unless you re-save the package several times with a new name.


4. You cannot prompt for any information during installation, nor choose which version gets installed. Your only hope would be a wrapper program or script that requests input then selects from several MSIX packages.