MSIX Presentations at Build 2018


Build 2018 is featuring sessions on MSIX.  I'll update the post as they are available online:


MSIX: Inside and Out


Kevin Gallo talks about MSIX in the Day 2 Keynote:


Accelerating Windows 10 enterprise app deployment with MSIX



 John Vintzel

Principal Program Manager Lead, MSIX

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 i am trying to create a msix through VS 2017 -> Windows Application Packaging Project. When i build/deploy the project, i get only appx project. Is there a way to create msix?

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MSIX support is part of the upcoming Windows release.  The SDK should be in a Windows Insider Preview early this summer with Visual Studio support coming later this summer.


John Vintzel

Principal Program Manager Lead, MSIX

I can't see a video to view under this one?


Accelerating Windows 10 enterprise app deployment with MSIX

Sorry about that, looks like it was not fully posted yet. Here is the youtube link:
Is it possible to manage the vc++ 2008 redistributable package ?

Ideally you embed that in your MSIX package.  Don't worry if there are multiple apps that have it embedded, we will only download and store the files once on disk.



Can we virtualize this package type into appv or any other supported virtualized formats?

With MSIX there is no need for App-V like virtualization.  MSIX offers containerization and should be considered a successor to App-V (or better yet App-V evolved).



I have been tracking the progress of this since Project Continental... Still seems to be a slow moving target. Still moving thou, and glad to see MS finally has some partners on board.


I'm on the IT side of things and would really like to see MSIX / AppX ramp up. Currently my company does alot of AppV and from what I've seen, the capture phases of Advanced Installer, looks similar to MS AppV Sequencer.


Would be exciting to add UWP functionality to a vendors antiquated installer, and really modernize it to fit what the Enterprise is needing.