How to Share Your Lists in Microsoft To-Do?

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Following this To Do list sharing video

on how to share lists with Microsoft To-Do I'm lost after a couple seconds.


In the present To-Do list where is the sharing icon?


But according to this video there is a Sharing Icon.

Where is the share icon?  How is Sharing accomplished?

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Hi @Stewart3,

Looks like the version on video and the current one is slightly different, right now it works following:

- Select a list you'd like to share:


- Click 'Create invitation link'


- Manage the share:



is it what are you after?


Thanks olegmelnikov,


I found out the reason I could not share my list was because the default Tasks list could not be shared.

I had to create a new list in order to use the Share. This was unclear to me, nothing in software gave a clue.


All is well.