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Hello, good people.


I have some comments for the team that handles both the development as well as the public support (like this Tech Community).

  1. The "Microsoft To Do Announcements" is very outdated.
  2. Under "More Resources", the "Tips, tricks and support articles" link takes you to https://todosupport.helpshift.com/a/microsoft-to-do/?p=all, which is no longer active.
  3. When going to "Microsoft To Do Insiders for Windows" category in this Tech Community, that page has a different "More Resources" that needs to be updated. It links to a Twitter account that has been shut down.
  4. My biggest issue, though, has to do with updates. Where are the release notes (aka changelog)? There was an update to my Windows version today and I can't find out what the update contained. This should be posted somewhere.
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