Have Microsoft abandoned TASK users?

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I'd like to know if Microsof TASKS has been superceeded by  To-Do?


Microsoft TASKS haven't worked properly for 6 months or more. As am Assure member, I have worked with senior techs for months too try to get mine to work properly. As an example: 


1. The structure and text in a task alters randomly. If I have a table in a task it removes it and scambles the text.


2. It is impossible to use this recurrence. 


If selected (which all mine were), it changes to 'every day or week' etc.


If someone could just let me know that TASKS are no longer supported I can look for alternatives. I use them all day, every day.


So far the time I have spent on this issue has been enormous. I reallly just need an honest answer.


Does anyone here know?


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