Using Teams for hybtid meetings - audio issues

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We've recently held a number of hybrid meetings - highly attended physically but also on Teams for those that cannot travel.


The set up used: A Teams meeting projected to a large screen to ebable screen sharing/presentation. External speakers set up in the phyical room so the audience can hear those from their home locations and an externa USB microfone used by the presenter in the physical location - so that the people at home can hear them whilst the move about the floor presenting.


The issue we have is, how can we make it so the external microfone is not only enabled so people at home can ehar the speaker in the physical location, but the audio is also transferred to the external speakers. Basically the microfone audio going to 2 places?


Help appreciated!

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If I follow correctly, what you need is some audio mixing type device that can output a microphone to a set of speakers and amplify it to speakers in the room. This will really switch you away from USB connected devices into professional AV equipment, there are lots of options. 


Something like a Behringer XENYX Q802USB would handle the audio, then some wireless mics and amplified speakers.


You won't achieve reliable in room amplification via USB devices.

@Steven Collier 


Hi Steven, yes that's correct.


It would need to amplify the microphone to a set of speakers in the room but also the microphone would also need to amplified via Teams to the people at home/in other locations. Its the getting it into Teams too that is confusing me most!


Happy to move away from USB devices, these were a last minute temporary solution.