"Feel free to keep using Microsoft Teams"

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Seems to me if there was ever a message worthy of the "Don't notify me again" checkbox, the one that tells me I'm free to keep using Microsoft Teams each and every time I open a Word or Excel file in app would be it.  Especially since the dumbed down version of these apps within Teams are terrible making it almost a necessity to open these files with their actual applications.

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I wholeheartedly agree. After well over a year of seeing this message several times a day when opening Word docs from Teams, I'm fairly certain I'm ready to step into the great unknown and operate without a safety net, comforting though it may be to be reminded (over and over and over again) that Teams has my back. 

We use Teams and Office heavily, and so see each of our users will see this message 30-50 times every day.

Please remove this message, it's redundant even the first time.
Did you ever find a solution to this? Its 2022 and its still happening with some of our users but not all