User thumbnails broken until force restart teams

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This happens to everyone, so many times when you first log into the computer teams auto starts but all the people's thumbnails are broken except for maybe a few group chats.


The way to fix it is to go into task manager, kill teams and then re-open it.


Does anyone know why?




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I have not seen this issue before it looks like something is of with the stylesheets. Is your teams directly connected to the internet or via Tunnel/firewall/proxy?

@paul keijzers same experience if connected at corporate network or work from home over Global Protect VPN.


We did find an easier workaround than ending task and relaunching…. Simply click to another area in teams and then click back.  This seems to fix the broken images.

@kjstech I've seen this before, you'll be blocking one of the mandatory URLs required for Teams, my guess is that will be Rule 127 for *


You need to allow everything at Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges - Microsoft 365 Enterprise | Microsoft Learn