Teams Rooms devices keeps signing out

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I have an issue with our Teams Room devices, Poly Studio X30/X50 with TC8 touchpanel along with Yealink RoomPanel.

The issue consists of the various devices from time to time logs out of the account and shows the login page with the code sequence for joining a Teams account.

Some times a reboot is enough to log back in, other times i need to set it up again.


I haven't been able to find any solution to this issue. Anyone else having this problem? 

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@Michael_Linde-Hansen If you look at the sign in logs for the accounts in Azure AD can you see any failed authentication attempts? It's most likely that it's attempting to sign in and some policy is preventing so it returns to the sign in screen. Second guess would be a loss of internet connectivity, or a device like a proxy interfering.

Check the other sign-in attempts
Make sure the devices are up-to-date. Try logging on to the devices directly rather from a web-sign in.
Check the network settings of the room devices.
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This issue it's marked as incident on M365 Portal.

Teams Android certified devices are logging out of AAD apps

Microsoft release this workaround: