Teams Phone System - Remove Country Code?

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We use the Teams system with direct routing from Gamma. I can't figure out on how to amend the Caller ID. Whenever someone calls one of the teams numbers, the number comes through with the country code of '+44'. I could call the number from landline or mobile and it comes through as +44. We need it to show '0' rather than '+44'.  Screenshot_11.png


Reason behind this is because all of our numbers in AD are added in the '0' format rather than the '+44' format. Teams only adds the full name if the number matches exactly in AD. For my name to appear when dialling my colleague above I need to change my number to +44 in AD.


Has anyone else come across this issue? I have logged with Microsoft support and awaiting to hear back. I have tried Dial Plans and Caller ID policies with no luck.

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I would change your data in AD. The E.164 format for number (+44 xxxx xxxxxx) is what most organisations use these days.


Don't you have difficulty using you directory to make calls when abroad with it being in a UK only format?



Agree with @Steven Collier change the number in your contacts. It is not possible to do any normalization for incoming calls and changing the caller id. The advantage of using E164 formatting for numbers is that is a standard that all PSTN connected systems should be able to use.


 Dial Plans are used to change the number that your users dial, so if they dial without +44 the Dial Plan will add it. And Caller ID Policies are used to show another number for your users when they dial out, ex. if a user works in a call center and they want that number to be shown as their caller id.


Maybe Gamma could change the Caller Id for incoming calls, but if that works it is not supported in the Direct Routing setup so I would not recommend you to use it. If it works today calls might stop working tomorrow if the recommended setup is not followed.


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Totally agree to @Steven Collier and @Linus Cansby , you should use E.164 number formating for your Teams Phone system implementation. It makes so many things easier for your users and also the PSTN provider. Normaly your personal contacts are synced with your mobile device, for example. When your users traveling to another country and phone numbers are stored in E.164 format, there is no need to change anything on the cell phone. The user can dial directly because the phone number includes the leading country code and so on.

On the other hand, from my understanding, it is possible to do number translation with Teams Direct Routing. You can create translation rules for your SBC system and assign them to the SBC. In this case the Teams platform can modify inbound/outbound phone number according to a given ruleset. More details:

Translate phone numbers for Direct Routing - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


Also it is not required to use E.164 number formating. It is suggested by Microsoft and as you can read, our experience and suggestion is the same. But it is not required anymore:

=> It's recommended, but not required, that the phone number used is configured as a full E.164 phone number with country code.


In case you still want it, you can utilize InboundTeamsNumberTranslationRules and InboundPstnNumberTranslationRules. First, create the rule that you want to apply to both, with something like this:



New-CsTeamsTranslationRule -Identity 'Remove+44' -Pattern '^\+44(\d+)$' -Translation '0$1'




Then apply the rule:



Set-CsOnlinePSTNGateway -Identity sbc.domain.tld -InboundPstnNumberTranslationRules Remove+44
Set-CsOnlinePSTNGateway -Identity sbc.domain.tld -InboundTeamsNumberTranslationRules Remove+44




wait for some minutes for the commands to take effects (it can vary). And you should get what you want.


But then again, please consider what @Steven Collier , @Linus Cansby  and @Thorsten Pickhan suggest.