Teams Meetings | Presenters cannot see reactions


As the presenter in a Teams meeting, I'd really like to be able to see everyone's reactions in the same way that audience members do. 


For the audience, they can see all the hearts, thumbs up, laughing emojis, etc., on the bottom of the screen.


But audiences also want to communicate their reactions to the presenter, and it doesn't make sense that I can only see the reactions from the ~10 user icons on the screen.

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As a presenter you should be able to see the reactions coming at the bottom of the screen which participants are sending the reactions. This will only happen while are not presenting. Presenters presenting during the session will not be able see any reactions.

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Satish U

@RealTime_M365 thanks for explanation.

I do agree with richard though. As a presenter I would like to see reactions as well to better judge how the presentation is going.