MS Teams: Presenter Being Able to View Meeting Attendees Webcams

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Is there a way for presenters in MS Teams to be able to view the attendees webcam views while presenting (perhaps at the bottom of their screen).  Presenters in our company want to be able to read the audience (attendees) reactions while the presentation is going on.  I know that you can view a list of attendees during the presentation along with seeing an icon adjacent to their name if they are raising their hand to ask a question.  This is nice but not what we are looking for.

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There is a new presentation mode now! When sharing, use the PowerPoint app option. You will be able to see the presentation, notes, attendees and the next slides in one screen. If it doesn’t work, try enabling the preview mode from The profile icon at the top- about - preview mode!

There’s also emojis now that attendees can send and show up in the presentation

That is great news...thanks Adam!!!