how to add multiple users in teams chat in one go


how to add multiple users in teams chat in one go it doesnt accept any semicolon nor comma. I want to add bulk users in chat and start the chat

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@alitaqvi Hello Ali,

On the left side panel, right click on the CHAT and select NEW CHAT from the drop down or press CTRL + N to start a new chat.

In the TO: field across the top, enter each person or group, no commas or semi colons required.

Then click on the SEND button.



In the To field i can't insert bulk email ID to start a group chart. It doesn't recognize bulk together if put them with space without, coma , semi colon etc. Nothing works. Any suggestions to start chat with bulk users.

@alitaqvi Here are two options for you:

  1. If all the users happen to be part of the same Team and you are the Team owners (only team members if the feature is enabled for them). From within your team create a new tag and add the users. to the tag. The you can then start a chat and just add the tag to the chat. You will see the names of people being in tag appear in your chat 
  2. Create a group chat and give the chat an appropriate title (use the drop down arrow to the right of the to box). Add your users one by one in the to box and send message. Next time you want to contact all user just add the chat title in the to box and you will start a chat with all users in your existing group chat 

@alitaqvi You can start a group chat with multiple users if you are typing their names and select each one as they are suggested. I'm going to guess your trying to copy/paste some list into chat?


Try creating a url link that follows the deep link format, it will accept multiple users as a comma separated list of upns<user1>,<user2>,...&topicName=<chat name>&message=<precanned text>


Click the link and you'll get a group chat

Thanks Steven - it worked for almost 70 address but i think due to long link path it doesn't accept more then 70 address in one go.