Teams Custom Background Fails

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We recently got the +Add New option for custom backgrounds in our Teams.  I've added a number of images, but there is one I try to add and it fails.  I get the following message:

Couldn't upload image

Image requirements:

Min size: 360x360 px

Max Size: 2048x2048 px

File type: jpeg, png, bmp

Aspect ratio: greater than 4


The image meets all of the requirements.  Since other images have no issue, I assume it's something specific with this image....question is what could it be since it meets all the requirements.

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@DanZ24 I am having similar issues with the upload.  I can put the file in the appropriate folder under %appdata% and it works.  I don't understand the aspect ratio > 4, part.  the files I am using are 1920 x 1080 (16:9 aspect ratio).  The other odd thing is that we were able to use the add new on the same files a couple of days ago without issue.  We setup a webpage with our branded backgrounds and gave the users instructions on how to save them and add them use the Add New feature and now it does not work.

@scm2423The 16:9 aspect ratio will satisfy the >4 ratio. I'm using the same and have the issue.

same issue trying to upload a 1920x1080 picture. No idea how this Aspect Ratio of '4' is calculated, very confusing. Going to try %appdata% approach instead.

Hello .. I am facing same issue.. I was able to upload backgrounds few days back and now I am getting the issue that image requirement isn't correct. Even after correcting the image requirements, it is not working. I even tried clearing teams cache based on suggestion

Please help if you are able to resolve the issue.
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I had this problem this morning but I seem to have solved it.

I couldn't add a new background whilst on an active Teams call, just kept complaining didn't meet Image requirements (even though it did). Both the Add new and also dropping into the appdata folder didn't work.

I quit Teams and restarted it, then rejoined my meeting. Now in Background settings it had picked up all the pictures I had previously dropped into %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds\Uploads

@DanZ24 What i did to fix this problem is copy the image that you want to use paste it on Paint 3D and press save as and then go to teams on your meeting and go to the background thingy and click add and then finally click the file and done.

the dimensions also have to be width:616 height:419
Wow, that solution is way better than mine...and also a lot simpler I really need to work on my tech skills...
Not correct.

Image requirements:

Min size: 360x360 px

Max Size: 2048x2048 px

File type: jpeg, png, bmp

Aspect ratio: greater than 4

@DanZ24 It worked for me it was the only thing that would work for me so if you don't want to accept my answer then don't reply.

Im sorry for being mean I have Oppositional defiant disorder even though i am a grown man.
Thank you! Finally worked.

I'm sure there are other solutions to this issue but this seems to have worked well for me and my team.. just wanted to share this info with everyone: :)


  1. Download the image you want to download and make sure it’s a JPG file
    1. If not already converted:
      1. Go to “Paint” Application
      2. Drag or “Open” the image on Paint
      3. Click “File”
      4. Click “Save As”
      5. And make sure the format is “JPEG” or “JPG”
      6. Hit “Save” and it should be converted as a JPEG to any folder you save it on
  2. On your keyboard, click the Windows key + “R”
  3. Type: %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams
    1.  Click “OK”
  4. Go to the “Background” Folder
  5. Click “Upload”
  6. Drag or copy+paste the converted JPEG image you have to “Upload” Folder
  7. Copy the same image again onto the same “Upload” folder
  8. Rename the copied (or 2nd) image as the same name but add “_thumb” at the end (please make sure no additional spaces or dashes in between the original file name)
    You should have 2 versions of that image on your “Upload” Folder
    1. For example:images (1).png


  1. Go to your meeting/call on Teams
  2. Click the 3 dots (…) and “Apply Background Effects”
  3. Scroll to the very bottom and you should be able to find that same image you uploaded earlier! Hope this helps!


I have the same. I try to add one photo and it says "Couldn't add image"  I try another same thing. :cry::sad_but_relieved_face::sad_but_relieved_face::sad_but_relieved_face::sad_but_relieved_face::sad_but_relieved_face::sad_but_relieved_face::sad_but_relieved_face::sad_but_relieved_face::sad_but_relieved_face::sleepy_face::sleepy_face::sleepy_face::sleepy_face::sleepy_face::sad_but_relieved_face::sad_but_relieved_face::sad_but_relieved_face::sad_but_relieved_face::sad_but_relieved_face: can anyone help?

Setting the 616 x 419 pixel size in Paint before saving the PNG as was recommended by DreadPeach58 was the only thing I needed to do to get the "+Add" feature to work.


i am on mac and it doesnt work wat i do
what do i do if im on mac

Piss poor application that will not tell you what is wrong. This operation should NOT be this hard. This should be the easiest thing in the world but no Microsoft cannot even get this right. 

Does not work! Try again!